Barq’s Birch Beer


Barq's Birch Beer


May 08, 2019

Birch beer, in its most common form, is a carbonated soft drink made from herbal extracts and birch bark. Bottled and loved in the Northeastern region of the US, Barq’s Birch Beer is a locally sold flavor distributed by Liberty Coca Cola Beverages.

Created and sold in 1871 by Mr. Barq, it’s unusual and sharp taste drew a unique following. In 1995, Barq’s was purchased by The Coca Cola Company which retained it’s unique ‘Bite’ and has continued to thrive in the ‘Root Beer’ market.

TODAY, Barq’s has created its new Birch Beer catered specifically to tingle the taste buds of it’s Northeastern crowd. With sales primarily in New York and Philadelphia, this local flavor is ready to go viral—just in time for Summer!

To grab this very unique taste, Barq’s Birch Beer is available in retail stores in New York and Philadelphia. If you are a customer looking to sell Barq’s Birch Beer, please visit to learn more.